Alice was born and raised in a very small village in Lincolnshire. Let's just say theatre wasn't a partucularly popular scene in this county. From a very young age, she had always enjoyed producing dance shows in her living room and forcing her family and friends to watch. She watched movie musicals from morning til night, so it was clear to her parents, this was where her life was heading.
She began performing with The New English Contemporary Ballet when she was 10, but she decided to focus on her studies at school, with the desire to be a chemical engineer. This didn't last long.
At 17, she joined the Lincoln Academy of Theatre Arts where her passion really took off. Eventually, she found herself auditioning for theatre schools and it turned out ArtsEd was the place for her (the only school that offered her a place). Here, she had a roller-coaster of a time, but it made her the performer and business woman that she is today. Her undeniable drive for creating opportunities, not only for herself, but for her fellow grads, has helped her get to where she is today.
She currently adores discovering new writing, and is a comedy addict. She lives by the phrase "if you don't laugh, you'll cry" (she is famously known at ArtsEd as a crier, however), and she is a firm believer than EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

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