What is our aim?

  • CONTINUE- To expose and encourage current theatre graduates to transition into our industry, straight from college, whilst giving them a platform to become their own product within this business.

  • CREATE- Offer them opportunities with industry professionals such as live Q&As, classes and workshops, whilst spotlighting their own, original work.

  • CONNECT- Help grads network with fellow grads, casting directors, choreographers, directors and many more!

How did The Grad Fest begin?

  • In June 2020, during lockdown, Liam began reading an article about The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It sprang to his mind that there are no festivals that solely feature theatre graduates. As a 2020 graduate himself, he wanted to create a fringe festival for graduates to showcase their skills, meet new grads and celebrate their 3 years of training. The catch? It was to be completely online!

  • Early on, he recruited Alice, who up until then, had never communicated with before! Quickly, a strong working relationship was born. They both shared the belief in creating your own opportunities when you can't find any.

  • They hoped to create some light for fellow grads facing a challenging time, due to COVID.  The festival included Instagram live cabarets, Instagram live classes, rehearsed readings  via zoom and a Black Lives Matter Cabaret. They also began raising money for BLMUK and Industry Minds.

  • It was clear to them now that they had caught the producing bug. They already have many opportunities for graduates in the pipeline- such as a live and socially distanced cabaret, online workshops for new musicals, and further down the road, a weekly Sunday cabaret streamed online. They also hope to keep their podcast up and running.

  • This is only the beginning for Liam and Alice. There are so many ideas still to come, so make sure you follow The Grad Fest on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all the news and events.